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Well first off, I think that different types of accommodation and different types of locations suit different types of people. The most important thing is to have the best vacation possible! This stated, I think a lot of folks have not considered vacations outside of the all-inclusive genre or the many benefits they can offer. This is why I wanted to put together a brief description of how a Trujillo Honduras hotel compares to a hotel in Punta Cana hotel, Dominican Republic.
What type of experience can you expect as a visitor? What can you get from one option that you cannot get from the other?
If you are considering "doing different" for your vacation this year and maybe trying something a little new, this could be the article for you!
So first of all, where exactly is Trujillo, Honduras?
Well, it's on the North Coast of Honduras and is a bit of a forgotten gem. It is very well known in Honduras, but nearly unheard of in North America. Although Honduras is within Central America, Trujillo faces the Caribbean ocean and definitely has that Caribbean vibe. In fact, it's more like visiting one of the Caribbean Islands than neighboring Guatemala!
So, what will you get from a Trujillo Honduras hotel that you will not get in a Punta Cana hotel?
Well first off you will get genuine seclusion. The beaches in Trujillo are stunning and completely undeveloped. If you stay at an out of the way resort like Tranquility Bay you can see unspoiled, pristine shoreline for miles. Even if you go more central at a hotel complex like Christopher Columbus you will get far less crowds than nearly anywhere in Punta Cana.
Trujillo hotels offer really great value for money. A self contained Cabana in an amazing location in Trujillo will cost very little when compared to similar accommodation in Puna Cana. You will also get a far more relaxed atmosphere and a more authentic interaction with the local people. The people in Trujillo are not reliant on the tourist trade, so have not developed the strong vendor culture that you get in the Dominican Republic. This allows a far more relaxing time when you leave the hotel, you will not be asked to buy souvenirs every 5 minutes!
What do you get in Punta Cana and not in Honduras?
In Punta Cana you will get the all-inclusive option. This means that the amenities at the hotel are often to a much higher standard. Everything is there that you would need. A downside to this is that many people end up hardly leaving the hotel. If you have paid a lot of money to be all inclusive it seems a little pointless to spend all your time outside the hotel spending additional money!
Punta Cana hotels like the Iberostar Grand Bavaro really do provide some great night entertainment; like big bands and dancing. For folks that like a schedule they can pick from and know ahead of time what their options are for each night, this is fantastic.
So as you can see Trujillo and Punta Cana hotels offer very different vacation experiences. Trujillo Honduras hotels offer unspoiled beaches, a chance to get away from the crowds and great affordability. Punta Cana hotels offer high level amenities, planned activities and an opportunity to have those pesky decisions made for you!
Think about what you want from a vacation and then start planning! Whichever choice you make the most important thing is to have a great time!
Mario Stevens is a world traveller and travel writer. He has been in love with Central America and the Caribbean since he first visited 15 years ago. During his travels Mario often found some of the best places to visit and stay being overlooked and uses his travel articles to right this wrong! Use Mario's travelling advice to help you plan your perfect getaway.

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