Sabtu, 26 Februari 2011

cewek seksi

Amsterdam is one of the most popular tourist destinations, not only in Europe, but in the whole world. Apart from the beautiful sites and the unique experience that the city provides, the hotels in Amsterdam are also considered to be some of the best in the world. Given this, it can be expected that the hotel industry in Amsterdam would be very vibrant because of the very healthy tourism profile of the city. As such, people who would want to gain valuable hotel work experience would do well to consider working in Amsterdam. The city can provide them with valuable lessons in the industry, which they can take with them anywhere they go. Among the various hotel employment opportunities in Amsterdam, one of the most exciting is the position of a hotel desk clerk.
What do they do?

Hotel desk clerks perform a number of duties, which mainly deal with making sure that the guests are provided with the assistance that they need when they check in and check out of the hotel. This means that when guests check in, it is the responsibility of the hotel desk clerk to register them, assign them their rooms, and to keep their registration records. When it is time for the guests to check out of the hotel, it is also the responsibility of the hotel desk clerk to prepare, process, and explain the charges. In addition to these, clerks are also responsible for relating to those concerned about any problems that guests may have had with regard to the service they were provided.
However, in some hotels, desk clerks are assigned other responsibilities, which include front office responsibilities like being reservation agents and telephone switchboard operators. Given that hotel desk clerks are considered to be the frontline personnel of the hotel since they are always in the 'public eye,' hotel desk clerks need to adhere to strict rules with regard to customer service. Among these rules, the most important is always being courteous to the guests of the hotel.
Given the vibrant tourism profile of Amsterdam, working in one of the city's world-class hotels can provide a person with valuable experience and lessons about the hotel industry. This is very true for some of the more exciting positions in hotels, including being a hotel desk clerk. The responsibilities of this position can teach a person what it means to provide excellent service to the hotel guests, who are the lifeblood of hotels.

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